Bad Credit Cost Me A Job

Bad Credit Can Cost You a Job.

She was suddenly unable to make payments on her phone or student loans and defaulted on a short-term loan. buy this domain Related: Bad credit: A deal breaker for many singles She blames the resulting black marks on her credit report for her inability to land another job in the health care field over the past five years. While she hasn’t received notices from employers saying she was denied the job because of her credit, she has connected the dots — typically, she is denied jobs soon after an inquiry from a potential employer shows up on her credit report. “It’s a form of discrimination,” Williams said.
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employer credit checks

Some experts say that credit checks are now regularly being done on HR and health-care professional who have access to personal information Social Security numbers, birth dates, and addresses that could be misused to steal someones identity. A person in IT at on-line shopping company might also be screened, because they would have access to customer credit-card numbers. Weston didnt write about employers use of credit checks in previous editions, but there is mounting evidence that employers are abusing credit checks, she writes.They are sometimes even violating federal law when they do so, and you need to know about the risks you face when youre trying to get a job, she concluded. States are taking legal action.
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